5 common Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them.

by Monte Clark

Marketing mistakes are common. In fact, without mistakes, we don’t get better. Unfortunately, in business, mistakes most often cost us money. If you can learn from other people’s mistakes, all the better! These are five marketing mistakes companies make that you can avoid and keep pace with your competition.

Mistake #1: You don’t have a marketing budget.

This is common. I’ve found many businesses simply don’t know how much money to put in marketing. They also don’t know how to measure its success or fall into the trap that every dollar spent needs to be a dollar earned. Not true, here is marketing guru Neil Patel’s take on losing money: https://twitter.com/neilpatel/status/1052388144404815878

Marketing Mistake #2: Websites are not brochures. Websites are plants.

If you don’t nurture and tend to your website, you will not get traffic, you will not get leads or sales. Websites are like plants in that to get the satisfaction of a flower or fruit you must feed them, give them the right amount of sunlight and prune them. This is a process, that takes time. Don’t be short-sighted and impatient.

Marketing Mistake #3: You make Facebook more important than your website.

Don’t do it! There is no doubt that social strategy plays a key role in building a business and communicating to customers. However, it’s just a tool like any other. Nor does it replace a solid website. Use your social channels to drive potential customers to your website. Your site is the best way to communicate clearly and drive sales.

Marketing Mistake #4: You don’t know who you’re talking to.

Knowing your customer and audience takes effort. Many small business owners assume they are the target market, and those they sell to are exactly like them. Not true. In fact, most of your customers won’t be like you at all. You need to learn who your target market is, learn how they prefer to communicate and develop strategies to fit their style of communication, not yours.

Marketing Mistake #5: You have no plan and you try and do everything yourself.

Your willy-nilly, fly by night, do this here, do that there plan is not working. Planning takes research. Planning takes time. Invest the effort, and reap the reward. Ok, you might not have as much time as you want, you might not have the expertise to put a marketing plan together… so get help. Everyone understands that time is tight and budgets are tighter. Everyone also knows those are just excuses. There is a marketing plan for any budget. Even one that has zero dollars. Your best investment would be a few dollars into a marketing consultant that can take you where you are and help you plan the next step.

In review:

  • Take time and get help to develop a plan.
  • Determine and invest in a marketing budget.
  • Update and develop your website with current optimization tactics.
  • Don’t over-focus on any one social channel.
  • Make sure that you know your audience and are communicating how they want to be communicated with.

That’s it! Simple small steps are all that’s needed to be successful and all you need to do is take the first step. See my blog for more steps on how you can kickstart your marketing

What have you found to be your greatest hurdle in marketing? What holds your company back from growing? Share your comments with me and I’ll respond with tips and insight to help.