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I built a high-value network of nearly 7,000 connections including industry professionals and C-level connections in less than five months. 50% of network has posted to Linkedin in the past 30 days. I work with individuals and companies in five different countries and industries. I consistently achieve post views over 200,000 per month with post engagement in the hundreds. I’ve learned how to be efficient, and effectively build my brand through quality engagement and making the right connections.

What’s my secret?

In my 1-hour intensive live webinar, I’ll teach you:
  • How to optimize your profile to get found and noticed
  • How to build a high-value engaged network
  • How to develop engaging content
  • How to Use LinkedIn to develop business relationships that grow your business
  • How to Use LinkedIn to build your company brand
  • How to sell without a pitch
  • How to use Sales Navigator to find your target market
  • How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for direct marketing

Start growing and influencing your network and generating quality leads.

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Done For You Services

Linkedin takes considerable effort and consistency.

I get it. You don’ thave time to invest two to three hours per day into one more thing. Good news, you don‘t have to! I and my team will engage Linkedin for you, so you focus on the things that matter most. I offer three service level packages to accomodate your desired involvement.

Content Package:
  • Profile optimization
  • Network connections
  • Targeted network engagement
  • Content development and posting
  • Post response engagement
Leads Package:
  • Profile optimization
  • Network connections
  • Lead targeting
  • Lead nurturing and engagement
  • Lead scheduling
Enterprise Package:
  • Team training
  • C-suite onboarding
  • Customized Team program

Each package requires six month minimum engagement.