It's a race for relationships.
Are you positioned to win?

We find that most people know how you use Linkedin. But, getting business from it? …That's the challenge.

Would you agree?

We serve B2B businessess and individuals by creating relevant strategies to effectively:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Consistently Develop Leads
  • Enhance Relationship Opportunities

We do this, with


People do business with People, not with brands.

It stands to reason that the best way to build your brand, it through people. At relevant, we align your sales and marketing teams to create a unified and powerful, brand ambassador.

We don’t stop there. We create best practices so that your entire company can boost your brand as well. Linkedin is a team sport. When working together, your company will grow quickly!

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We will get your team on track and working together to get more leads, build better networks, and elevate your brand. Contact us now!

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The power of any CRM is what you put INTO it.

The power of Linkedin is what you get OUT of it.

Everything you need to find your target market is at the tip of your finger, and it's all relevant.

The true power of Linkedin resides in Sales Navigator. We will show your team, how to get the most from Sales Navigator, establish repour with your lead targets, and work them through your relationship sales funnel without using spam or high-pressure sales.

Yes, I Need More Leads!

People need people. We were made for relationships.

Linkedin is the greatest 24/7, live networking event in the world. When properly understood, and strategically utilized, is no better method to develop and nurture relationships.

On Linkedin, the world is your oyster. We will show your team how to build a high-value network and grow your company with less effort, in less time, and with lower cost of sale.

YES, Help Me Find My Target Market!

You're working hard, and growing frustrated Linkedin isn't helping you build your business. I'll tell you why and show you how to fix it. I have for many others. I will do it for you too.

Individual and Team Training:

  • Become your industry thought leader
  • Close more deals with no spam or high-pressure sale
  • Work 40+ leads per month
  • Find opportunity while opportunity finds
  • Build your own brand while elevating your corporate brand recognition
  • Align your marketing and sales efforts

And much more!

We’ve created a proven system that has helped many people find opportunity and grow their business through Linkedin. As the world is waking up to new ways of doing business, Linkedin has become a powerful source to effectively establish business relationships and genterate opportunity.

The individual training is a six-week like ZOOM training. Each class consists of five people, one hour per week, with a 1:1 session with Monte Clark. You’ll be given all the tools necessary to grow your business. Click this button for more information on our course.

I Need INDIVIDUAL Training

Our corporate team training aligns your marketing and sales team. We offer live training, video based training, and customized programs which include best practices, message alignment, and sales funnel implementation. Contact us today for our corporate training services and plans.


If you or your company does not have a strategy to maximize the opportunity of Linkedin, you will soon be left behind.

There are now over 675 million users of Linkedin and growing daily. With so many users, you might think it would be impossible to stand out from the next person. However, of the 675 million users, only 1% post content weekly. Does that mean that nobody is using the platform? Heavens no! It means with the right strategy; you will:

  • Quickly become your industry thought leader.
  • Outpace your competition.
  • Drive your target market to your website.
  • Have more conversations and opportunities than you ever thought possible.

Individual Mastermind

This program is for individuals who are serious about business growth using Linkedin as their primary marketing and sales channel. Our Mastermind includes:

  • Customized marketing and sales strategy
  • Weekly live coaching
  • Profile audit and optimization
  • Content production
  • Lead funneling
  • Network development

Our Mastermind members are required to make a minimum six month commitment.

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Corporate Plans

We have several corporate plans available based on your marketing and sales headcount, budget, and needs. We offer a-la-carte, as well as full-service options. Services include:

  • Profile audits
  • Marketing/sales team alignmen
  • Corporate page development
  • Content strategie
  • Sales funnel implementation
  • Network targeting
  • Best practice training
  • Zoom/Microsoft Teams training
  • Podcast training and implementation
  • Analytics and reporting

Contact us today for program details and availability.

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Your Linkedin busines growth journey begins here:

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